How to do simple rose gold eye makeup

Start with a clean eye.

Conceal and prime.

Take a cream eyeshadow the same shade as your skin. Apply to lid to even out canvas, and create a tacky base.

Take a dark brown or black eyeshadow and a small angled brush.

Line upper lashline and flick out.

Bring the shadow back from the tip of the flick, to your lashline to create a wing b

Take a rose gold eyeshadow and a small angled brush (new or clean).

Line lower lashline.

Bring from lower lashline to line underneath the wing.

Curl eyelashes.

Apply mascara. If desired, apply false lashes


Eye closed.

Side view.

And there you have it! Subtle warm double wing, perfect for everyday or holiday!

Hope you love this look as much a I do! I think I'll switch the rose gold for gold on Xmas, and wear this version shopping tmrw! Happy Holidays everyone, and see you next guide! - Xoxo RJ

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