How to make origami fox box (giftbox)

Use any size paper. Depends on what ur hiding. Fold in 1/2 diagonally. Fold in 1/2, tip to tip. Unfold. Fold right tip to top. Fold left tip to top.

Make 3. Line 2 up as shown...2 flaps on top for right one & 2 flaps on bottom for right one. Insert 2 flaps of right one into pocket of left one. Push all the way together.

Place as shown in pic1. Slide 2 flaps of left one into pocket of right one. Slide all the way together. Fill w/ treats (pic coming soon). Now push remaining 2 flaps into the last pocket...

Like this. All done! What will u do w/ yours? I tried to make a spinning top...

But it doesn't spin very long. Darn. I'll have to think of something else.

Watch the video: Origami Fox Box Tutorial. how to make fox gift box (December 2021).