How to make a paw print ornament or keepsake

Choose your sculpey color. I used silver. Do your work on wax paper to make moving the piece around easier.

Use a cookie cutter if you want a uniform shape. You can also just flatten a ball into a circle.

Flatten the clay out, and cut out your shape. Press your pet's paw against the clay. If the impression isn't deep enough, use a smooth tool to make a deeper print. I used the end of a kitchen knife.

Wash your pet's paw, or whatever you're making an impression of. Apparently the Sculpey has chemicals in it.

Add embellishments. I added a candy cane. To make one, use red and white clay rolled into 2 thin ropes. Place them next to each other.

Wind the two colors around each other.

When they are wrapped together, pick the two ends up and twist them in opposite directions to create a tighter look.

Shape into a candy cane, and cut off the tips. Put it on the ornament to determine placement and size.

Use another color to make more embellishments. Here, I made a bone by using the end of a knife to make indentions. Use a toothpick to make a dent in the center of the bone.

Place the bone under the cane, and put the cane into the dent you made in the center of the bone. Push down slightly to adhere the two together onto the ornament. Write the year using a toothpick.

I used a potato peeler to create a hole for the ribbon. I also used left over candy cane twist to fill in the year.

Bake the ornament at 275 degrees. Mine took about 20 minutes. Follow the baking directions on your sculpey.

Wait about 30 minutes to let the piece cool and harden. Glaze with sculpey glaze, giving it 30 minutes to dry.

String ribbon through hole, and tie into a bow at the top.

Your piece is done, and ready to display!

Watch the video: DIY Baby Keepsake Kit Instructional Video (January 2022).