How to wrap a present

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Lay the box on the rolled out wrapping paper and wrap around the box to find the general length you will need.

Wrap over the box to make sure you cover it - then add an extra 2 inches or so

Cut at the edge of the extra two inches. Cutting tip: start cutting, then slowly try to simply hold the scissors and slide your way across. This does not work with super thin paper!

Cut until you have about 2-3 inches from the side of the box to the edge of the paper on both sides. Make the distance longer for wider boxes. Then cut up the other edge.

You can always use that awkward piece for wrapping a different size box. Wrapping presents is like doing a puzzle!

Lay your box on your cut piece of paper face DOWN (note that this box has LOFT on both the front and back)

Fold over one side of the paper to create a nice, clean edge.

Wrap the paper around the box with the clean, folded edge on top. Secure with a piece of tape.

On one end, fold the sides in toward the middle.

Lay your box down, press the paper into the box, and make a nice, clean triangle crease. Watch the corners. And don't push too hard or you'll move the box.

Do this with all 4 corners

With your box face down, fold the bottom flap (currently on top) down. Make a crease.

Fold the flap that is flat on the floor (the top/face side flap) in toward the side of the box.

Fold it up toward the bottom/back of the box, and secure with tape.

Before creasing the other side, gently push your box into your creased and tape side to make sure your wrapping is tight and secure.

Repeat steps 9-14 on the other side of the box.

Once all sides are folded and taped, run your fingers gently along all of the edges to make nice, sharp corners.

You're done! Now all you need to do is add a bow!