How to make an upcycled flower ornament

Materials we will be using for our ornaments today.

First cut the materials you wish to use for your ornament into 4 long skinny strips. I found that for both an inner tube and paper ornament 8" long strips cut 1/4" wide worked well.

Magazine page before cutting into strips.

Four 8" x 1/4" strips of paper.

Four 8" x 1/4" strips of inner tube.

Next punch holes in the strips of material. Each strip will have 3 holes, one in the center and one at each end.

Punching a middle hole. I fold the strip in half to find the middle of the length.

Strips with all holes punched.

Now we start creating the flower with the strips. First place a bolt through the center hole of your 4 strips, and rotate them so they are evenly spaced.

Now create the hook by straightening out a medium sized metal paper clip with pliers.

Create a small loop at one end of the paper clip to wrap around the bolt.

Place the hook of the paper clip around the bolt and screw on the nut to hold everything in place. Be careful not to excessively twist the strips of material under the nut.

Now bend the other end of the paper clip to create a hook to hang the ornament with.

Side view after paper clip is installed.

Finished ornaments!

Watch the video: How to make Christmas tree flower ornaments. DIY. glitters foam Christmas decor (October 2021).