How to cook twisters

This is my first attempt to make twisters or as we call them Klejner. The word Klejner is German in origin meaning small ones. We have a lot of German words in Danish.

Start by mixing together soft butter, eggs, sugar, cardamom and lemon zest. Add cream and flour.

Knead until you have a smooth shiny dough. Cover and let it rest a couple of hours or until the next day in the fridge.

You don't need this tool, cut with a knife but I have one from my paternal grandmother and one from my maternal grandmother and my paternal grandmothers was the best, it's the metal one.

Melt your fat. You can use a neutral cooking oil. I was a bit surprised by the smell of the pig fat. The whole house now smells like pork roast. The twisters won't taste of pork.

Use only half of the dough at the time, the rest goes back in the fridge. The dough needs to be cold or you can't work with it. Cut rhomb shapes with a slit in the middle.

Bend one end down to the slit and thread it thru.

Like this. This is the twist. If your dough is too warm you won't be able to do this and a lot of housewives have been cursing at the dough thru out the centuries.

I cursed too, not a lot just a small one because I want to be a good girl so I can have Christmas gifts.

Your oil or fat need to be hot. Fry only a couple at the time. It goes quickly so it is handy to engage your husband to do the frying while you do the twisting and turning.

Dust with confectionary sugar to resemble snow. Lovely served warm, but they can keep for a week or two in an airtight container. If they go soft pop them in a hot oven for 5 minutes.

Watch the video: DIY Potato Twisters. Ribbon Fries (December 2021).