How to make a bow

Gather your supplies!

Cut out a decent size rectangle..

Cut the rectangle into: -4 pieces the height of the original rectangle -2 pieces smaller than the 4 pieces -2 pieces smaller than the 2 pieces

Staple the ends down.. Then repeat on the rest!

You did it!

Position 2 of the longest ones as shown above. Then tape them together when you have them perfect!

Repeat with the same length ones.

Position step 7 onto step 8 like so :)

Repeat step 7 on the next longest ones.

Tape step 10 onto step 9

Curl the final piece like this! And tape that together :)

Squash that into the middle with tape on it , and you are done!!!

Now you have a gorgeous bow for presents decor or a little hat if you so please ;)

Watch the video: How To Make A Puff Bow - A Tutorial On How To Make A Bow For Flower Bouquets (December 2021).