How to make a mango lassi (w/ ice cream)

Get all of your supplies! :) if you want the full list check the supplies list below. :)

Pour one and a half cup of milk. I'm using a regular house hold cup, but you can use whatever you want :)

Pour it into the blender (it's not supposed to be yellow!) the reason it is, is because I'm making a second batch hehe. :3 Don't judge meeeee

Get out the yogurt! Yum!

Put one and a half cups, this is what about one cup should look like :)

Put all da yogurts in da blenda!

This is the Mango Pulp I use :) I get it usually from Walmart or Von's or just about anywhere :) trader joes might have it :)

Then start pouring your mango pulp!

Oops! Mine ran out!

Pour the amount or in my case, whatever I had left, into the blender :)

Ice cubes! In a cup! :D

Put them into the blender :)

Then with or without the ice cream add some sugar. If you are adding ice cream later, put about two and a half tablespoons of sugar. If you decide on not adding ice cream later, add around 4 tbsp.

Almost done! Put the lid on, then....

Blend blend blend!!!! :3

All blended! Time to check! If it is too thick, then add milk, if it is too liquidy then add more yogurt. Add more sugar if needed. But don't if you are going to add ice cream. Blend some more and...

The consistency should be liquid NOT chunky :) and it's ok for it to be slightly frothy, but not too much! And pour into your cup :)

Then the best part!! Add the ice cream! Make sure it's vanilla :)

Add however much you would like! If you want to make it super sweet, then add a lot!

Serve with a spoon :) and enjoy! :))) <----- that's me being happy and growing multiple chins after having way too many of these! Hehe

You can store the rest of the lassi in the fridge and it should last for a day. Ive never kept it for too long so I don't know if it can last longer than that. Just be careful ;)

Watch the video: How to Make Mango Lassi Ice Pops (January 2022).