How to make dazzling cupcake ornaments!

DAZZLE and GLAMify your ornaments! We heart sparkles and cupcakes and fun crafts! Lets begin!

Snow tex! Got it at a craft store. 4oz is just fine

Our supplies! Use a paper plate for easy cleanup!

Pretty glass beads for the "sprinkles"

Colorful cupcake liners

Plenty of ornaments!

And minis too!

Aprons are an extra fun touch!

Dab the snow tex with a paintbrush

Put a little hot glue in the bottom

Mini by Laila!


Combos to your hearts desire!

Super cute! Love this leopard by Lauren of thepinkpetalcakery.com She's #JerseyStrong!

So many options!

Happy Holidays!

Watch the video: MAKE FAKE CUPCAKES THAT LOOK REAL! (October 2021).