How to diy: make your own eos inspried lip balm

You need a vaseline, a bowl, a kinder surprise and some "peppermint taste"

Open you kinder surprise and take the little "toy holder" out. Open it and put some foil/plastic in it.

Add 3-4 soup spoons Vaseline in to a bowl

Melt it in 5-6 min. Or into it is completely melted

Now add some "peppermint taste" into the melted Vaseline, about 1-2 tee spoons

Fill the holder half up, to make the rounded top

Put it in the fridge in about 15-20 min. Or you can just put in the freezer in 7-10 min.

Take it out and you have a nice rounded top. Put it into the fridge/freezer again (without the holder!)

Now fill the holder up with Vaseline If the Vaseline is clumpy then melt it again It's important that it's completely melted!

Put it into the fridge/freezer in 25-30 min

Now you have a top and a holder

Use some of the rest Vaseline on the top of your holder like a glue

Put the top on, and put it in your freezer/fridge Enjoy!

Watch the video: DIY: Clear Lipgloss With Vaseline NO VERSAGEL (October 2021).