How to draw on your eyebrows

I usually draw my eyebrows on after I've done my foundation and before my other eye makeup. For this guide I've done them last :)

One finished eyebrow, one still to be done! (Excuse the Half Face look lol)

Start off by applying the powder to your eyebrow. I find this useful as I have very sparse brows and it fills in the gaps.

I used to just use powder, but I found it looked a little too soft. Some people may prefer this look though and can skip the next step :)

Take your brow pen, I use MAC's penultimate eyebrow pen for mine, and start to draw in the overall shape.

Don't worry if it's a little messy in places, just neaten it up with cotton buds before moving on to the next step.

Once you've neatened the brow with a cotton bud, apply your clear mascara over the brow (don't push too hard otherwise it'll drag the powder out) and apply another layer of powder over the top to set.

And now you're done! Enjoy your day, knowing you have lovely eyebrows :) Any requests, please ask!

Watch the video: PERFECT BROW - HAIR STROKE TECHNIQUE (November 2021).