How to make "shattered" christmas ornaments

CAUTION: Always wear eye protection when cutting CDs. Even sunglasses will do. Small shards can fly towards your eyes while cutting and damage them.

Get your supplies together! Here I used plastic ornaments but glass works too. You will need 1 CD per ornament.

CDs sometimes vary in colour. Make sure you have the one you want before you start.

Cut up your CDs into small pieces all around the same size. Funky shapes make the ornament look even cooler!

Be careful of sharp edges after you cut the CDs.

Heat up your glue gun! If you are using plastic like me, you want to use this method to keep the plastic from melting. Start by putting a small dot of glue on the CD piece.

Then place the ornament on top of the CD piece in the place you would like it to go. This gives the glue a little time to cool and keeps the plastic from melting too much.

If you are using glass ornaments you can put the glue right on the bulb.

Almost done!

Finished!! You can put glitter inside if you like, but I decided to keep it simple.

Merry Christmas!

Watch the video: Broken glass reuse idea (October 2021).