How to make mini christmas wreaths

Take these rings off of water bottles, vitamin waters, fuze bottles Ect....

Get 2 kinds of green pipe cleaners (green sparkles and green)

Take the ring. They come in all different sizes.

Wrap the pipe cleaner of your choice around the whole ring.

Until it looks like this. I used about 3-4 pipe cleaners on each ring but it depends on the size of the rings.

Cut and tie a little bow a color of your choice. I choose red because I liked the way the Christmas colors looked together.

Ta daaaa!!!! Put them on your cabinet knobs in your kitchen for a nice holiday look! You can also put them on your tree or around your house, or a necklace! Be creative with it!!!

Watch the video: Christmas Trinkets: How to Make Mini Christmas Wreaths (November 2021).