How to make stewed hearts

If you have never tried offal then hearts is a great start. The taste is like meat and something more that is hard to describe but not overpoweringly different.

Start by melting of some bacon fat. Not a lot just enough to add that unique bacon taste to the dish.

Start by cutting the heart up and rinse it under the tap for any blood. Cut off any remaining blood vessels. You can clearly see them here.

Cut off the valves inside the heart.

Cut off any fat and dice the meat.

Add the meat to the bacon and brown it. Don't stir too much as it will lower the temp in your pot resulting in boiling instead of frying. Fry your veggies in another pot

Add apples and prunes to the pot.

Herbs crushed and chopped. Here rosemary, juniper berries, black pepper corns and a bay-leaf.

Combine everything in your pot and give it a stir

Add boiling hot chicken stock.

Add cream.

Lid on and simmer for 1 1/2 hour. You don't need to stir. Taste the gravy and add salt to taste.

Serve with mash and a salad.

Watch the video: Grassfed Beef Heart Stew Slow Cooker Method (October 2021).