How to make an outdoor holiday display

Start with a simple cast-concrete urn with classic lines. An urn is not your only choice. Any empty flower containers will work! Just make sure your vessel is weather proof and durable.

Gather or purchase a selection of fresh greenery, such as evergreen branches. Take advantage of as much of the surrounding nature as possible. Check your backyard before heading to the store!

Always, always, always start with the edges of the display. This will give the display a solid base upon which you may elaborate.

Construct a simple evergreen wreath, layering the branches around the perimeter of the urn.

If readily available, clip a few sprigs of boxwood and layer them into the display at will.

Place a candle in the center of your display. Around the candle, place extra Christmas ornaments you are not using indoors.

Flameless candles are on the rise! While you may prefer real candles, a real flame and outdoor elements do not mix well. Flameless candles are becoming more well-made and realistic in appearance.

Encapsulate the candle and ornaments with a glass vase or similar protectant.

Search through your extra items for anything that isn't being used. Perhaps you have a spare galvanized item or an unemployed vase. Anything will work as long as it is weather worthy!

This centerpiece is quite multifaceted: it can easily be employed by both rustic and elegant Christmas decorators just by switching a few elements. Choose whichever fits your design aesthetic best.

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