How to know the title of the song currently playing

Your in your car, heard a good song but dont know the title of the song. in this guide you can be able to know the song and other information.

You will need to download an app called SOUNDHOUND. its a free app with ads. you can buy it to remove the ads. but no need coz it has the same functionality as the paid one

Download The App

Open it Tap SoundHound when you hear the music. doesnt matter in what part of the song (beginning - end) it will detect it. but its more faster on chorus.

it will listen to the song. make sure thats their are no noise so it can detect the lyrics and music accurately

You can wait for it to finish loading. or you can tap the Listening button to stop (previous screenshot). depends on the duration of the listened song you'll get better result for longer listening.

will now search the title

Receiving the song

Now you now the song

You can view the history of your songs on the Clock like icon at the lower part.


You can also preview song by tapping the Arrow play button (see previous screenshot)

You can also re-search songs youve searched in the history menu if you failed to retrieve it. (see next screenshot)

what if you only know the lyrics? yes thats right. soundhound can take care of it. sing the song. soundhounds listens and search for the song. Cool eh?

Now you know the song. You want to download it and play directly on your ios device? See my Other Guide entitled "Download Play Mp3 directly on iDevices"

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