How to cook pulled pork on a charcoal grill/smoker

Add all seasonings to a cup and mix well. This is your rub. The brown sugar will add some sweetness to the crust and will also make the meat a bit darker as it caramelizes.

Boston Butts are actually shoulder cuts. They have the perfect amount of fat to make pulled pork.

Cover Meat with yellow mustard. This will provide some flavor but it is mainly to provide a base coat for the rub.

Cover the meat with your rub (save 2 Tbsp of rub). Make sure you get the bottom as well. Very important: save 2 Tbsp of the rub for the next step!

Combine 2 Tbsp of rub with 2 cups of apple juice and mix. Fill your injector.

Carefully inject the meat in different areas with the marinade. You want the liquid to mostly be injected into the thick of the meat. Once done, cover with foil and let marinade in fridge overnight.

Get the grill to around 225 and place a drip pan beneath the meat. Add wood that you want to use. Hickory, cherry and apple wood are all great choices.

Get an electronic thermometer and put it into the center. Cook until 200-205 in the middle, plan on 1.5 hrs per pound in 1 butt. To quicken it you can use the last hour covered in an oven at 400.

This crust is not burnt. Because of the brown sugar it gets very dark and caramelizes. You want to mix crust with the rest of the meat. Delicious!

Pull the meat apart using forks or bear claws if you have them. If you cooked to 200+, the meat will pull very easily and nothing will be left on the bone. Add your favorite BBQ sauce but not much!

Best way to enjoy this is on a fresh bun. I like to add my roasted, smoked onions (recipe on Snapguide) for an added level of flavor. Enjoy!

Watch the video: How to Smoke Pulled Pork. Weber Grills (January 2022).