How to flawlessly cook delicious sunny-side up eggs

Grab your favorite Nonstick frying pan

Set to medium. The lower the heat, the more even the eggs are cooked.

Butter time. Don't let it dry up (you can substitute butter with vegetable oil, or water)

Crack an egg, drop it in.

2-3 minutes should be enough. If you like to add seasonings (salt, pepper) now's the time

*secret trick* set oven to broil. This will cook the unfinished top portion of egg from the top down preventing the bottom from over cooking & tasting rubbery. U also get a perfect sunny-side finish.

You don't even need to close the oven. Just one minute or so under the broiler is all you need

Scoop it out

Yummmmm.... Cooking your eggs this way will keep the yolk from staying too runny and will prevent it from breaking as you transfer it to your plate. Enjoy!

Watch the video: How to Cook Perfect Sunny Side Up eggs (October 2021).