How to make cute christmas nails

The supplies

Paint your nails like this

Paint with the black nail polish a little part of one nail with white nail polish

In the other nail with white nail polish do like 2 moons

And put black nail polish

Do a big dot with the light Brown nail polish on the nail with the dark Brown

Add two black dots. Those will be his eyes.

Do the snowman's eyes too

And the penguin's eyes

Do little dots on the snowman nail as his smile

Do a big dark brown dot on one nail without nail polish

Make his arms and a little part of his body

Do a red stripe on the snowman's hat

Paint a space with the red nail polish on the last nail without nail polish

Do a big red dot on the reindeer nail. This will be his red nose.

Add two black dots and his smile on the cookie nail.

Add two dots as his buttons.

Try to do the santa's mustache with the white nail polish.

And put some white dots.

Add the snowman's nose with the Orange nail polish.

Add the penguin's with the yellow nail polish

Add two dots for santa's eyes.

Then, put little white dots on the big black dots.

Add two white stripes on the arms.

Do a little white stripe on the reindeers nose.

This is the final result :D I usually add top coat to Make them last longer, but it's not necessary.

Watch the video: 4 EASY SANTA NAIL ART DESIGNS. Cute CHRISTMAS NAILS (October 2021).