How to edit your sunset photo (1)

Before & After

Download an app called 'Snapseed' from apple store or android market. I guess it's free at the moment.

Open the photo that u want to edit

Choose 'Tune image'. There will be several things that u can change. Firstly, reduce the brightness to the number that u want.

Then, add Ambiance to ur photo to control the balance of the light.

Add contrast, to make ur white go lighter and ur black go darker.

Add saturation, to increase saturation or vibrancy of the colors in your photo

Lastly, adjust a little of your white balance to make it kinda warmy feel.

Here is the final photo. Pls enjoy ^^

Watch the video: Photography Post-Processing Tutorial 01 - How to Edit a Sunset Landscape Photo in Lightroom (December 2021).