How to make inexpensive centrepieces

These glass votive jars can be found at the dollar store and I bought all the gems inside from eBay for dirt cheap. Place gems of every colour inside your container - just enough to cover the bottom.

**WARNING** these glass jars are crazy fragile so be careful when working with them. One shattered while I tried to peel the sticker off the vase. If you're not budget conscious get a better vase.

At this point plug in your glue gun and get it hot. Grab your ribbon and measure it around your container so that the ends overlap slightly, then snip off the ribbon from the roll.

This is the rough location of how I am going to glue on the ribbon. Near the top and sloped towards the back.

Bought these heart gems off eBay as well. It's worth buying them there rather than the craft store because you will increase your costs exponentially! Notice the bar in the middle. This is for ribbon

Thread your ribbon through the loop like so and make sure your heard is in the exact middle.

Next grab your mushy love note & place a small dab of hot glue on the opposite side. If you've never worked with a glue gun be careful because it freaking hurts like hell if you get it on your fingers

You don't need a lot. You don't want it to smooth out the sides because it will make your project look messy.

Then very carefully place the poem on the face of the inside portion of your jar.

Place a small dab of hot glue on the underside of your heart gem.

Place it near the top of the outer most glass exactly centred and above your poem. You don't want to cover it up.

Next apply a small dab of hot glue to the ribbon and place it on the glass. **NEVER apply hot glue directly to glass**

Then place a small dab over the ribbon which you just finished glueing.

Your centrepiece should now look like this from the side.

Your back should look like this.

Again all my art supplies are from eBay. These are Black Osterich feathers.

Add a small dab of hot glue to the bottom of the feather.

Carefully place in jar and stick it to the bottom.

Note the location of the feather placed in behind the heart.

Grab another feather,repeat the last step, and stick it on the bottom of the jar.

Your vase should now look like this.

**IMPORTANT** don't use real candles for these. Use battery operated tea lights because the feathers are flammable. Just sayin!

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