How to easily remove stubborn glitter polish without foil

If you're not a glitter fan, this process can also be used with dark colors or those that stain your skin when you remove them. Here we go!

Start with an empty nail polish bottle. (Any polish or topcoat bottle you have will do.) Swirl acetone in the bottle and dump out to remove any polish residue. Once it's dry you're ready to begin.

Squirt the glue into the polish bottle, leaving a small amount of room at the top.

Use an eyedropper (or straw) to add a few drops of water. Cap the bottle and roll it in your hands to mix the water in. Continue adding water until you reach desired consistency.

Brush the glue directly on your bare nail, like you would apply polish. Be careful not to get too close to your cuticle. If you do get glue on your cuticle...

...gently run a rubber nail tool around the cuticle to clean off the excess. If the glue dries over your cuticle, your polish will pop off before you want it to.

Paint all 10 nails with glue and let dry completely (about 10m). When the glue is clear and matte-looking you are ready to paint your glitter polish over it, as you would with any other basecoat.

A mani should last quite a while with this method, even thru doing dishes and showering. When it's time to remove your manicure use your thumbnail or a cuticle tool to lift the corner of polish.

Gently scoot the tool under the polish...

...and it should pop off in one piece without causing damage to your nailbed. Voila!

Remove the polish from all 10 nails the same way and use polish remover and felt (or a cotton ball) to remove any lingering residue. Now you're ready for another glittery manicure!

Hope you found this guide useful!

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