How to brew hard cider (sorta)

In a clean mason jar add apple juice, sugar, and yeast. Allow to ferment for a few days

Shortly after shaking so you can see the air bubbles in the mixture.

This was after about 12 hours of fermentation. Even with just bread yeast there was healthy fermentation taking place. There was a faint odor of baking bread and cider.

Another 12 hours and the yeast have started to settle out. Bread like smell subsiding alcohol like smell is now present.

About 36 hours later about 60 hours since fermentation began. Definite alcohol smell present along with a pleasant cider smell. Yeast have settled a lot but are still at work.

Decided to pour a shot of the cider 60 hours in. There is still faint carbonation since the cider is still fermenting. Little touch of alcohol but WAY too sweet. Tastes like over sweet hard cider!

This experiment was born out of boredom/curiosity. I used ingredients I had on hand (hence bakers yeast). I am quite surprised by how well this turned out. It won't win any awards but its drinkable.

Same cider after a full week. The sweetness is almost gone and there is a tart twang to it now with a warm alcohol flavor at the back of the throat. Again, surprisingly good for so little effort!

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