How to play monopoly deal

These rules are not really useful sometimes, are they? So let's ignore them...I'll start by introducing the cards.

Money cards: Use this to pay rent, birthday presents, etc.

Action cards: these can be converted to money, only when the player takes it out from his hands and puts it in his money pile. It can only be used as money for the rest of the game.

Action cards: The monetary value of the card is denoted by the number in a circle at the two corners of each card.

Action card: Pass Go. Collect 2 cards from the draw pile, on top of the 2 you draw at the beginning of each round.

Action card: Rent cards. You must display properties in these colours in front of you (not leave them in your hands) before playing these cards. ALL players will pay you rent.

Action card: Rent card. This is slightly different, you can use it for any coloured property you own, but only ONE player will pay you rent.

Action card: Double the Rent. Use together with rent cards.

Action card: It's my Birthday! Everyone will pay you 2million.

Action card: Debt Collector. Force one player to pay you 5million.

Action cards: add house or hotel to your property. You must add a house to your property, before you can add a hotel. However I find these useless so I convert them to money. Will explain why later.

Action card: Forced deal. You're exchanging a property card with another player, so you need to offer him one of your property cards in return.

Action card: Sly deal. You can take a property card from another player without offering any in return.

Action card: Just say no! Can be used against any action card. However there are only 3 cards for each game, so use them wisely! A Just say no! card can be played against another Just say no! card.

Action card: the game-changing card, Deal Breaker! Steal a complete set of property displayed by another player, including buildings. 2 cards available per game.

Property cards: this card requires two cards to make up a full set. Rent is according to how many of the same coloured cards you have displayed. If you show both of these cards the rent is 2million.

Property cards: 3 cards to make a full set, and it can include as many wild cards as you like. Rent for these 3 is 6million.

Property cards: this picture is to show 2 colours people often confuse, red (left) and pink.

Property wild card: can be used with ANY coloured property! This is really useful, but note that it's subject to Forced Deal, Sly Deal and Deal Breaker.

Next I will reveal tips for winning the game! It requires a mixture of luck and strategy so here are some strategies to help.

The setup will have a central draw pile, and each player will have a money pile and a property pile.

To start the game each player receives 5 cards.

At the beginning of his turn, the player draws 2 cards from the centre pile. AFTER drawing the cards, the player can make a maximum of 3 moves, and can only have max 7 cards in his hands after 3 moves

If the player has more than 7 cards in his hands after 3 moves, he has to discard the excess cards into the centre pile (where all the action cards are played) until he has 7 cards left.

I will define what constitutes ONE move.

Putting down ONE money card from the player's own hands is ONE move.

Putting down ONE property card from the player's own hands is ONE move.

Playing ONE action card is ONE move, playing TWO together (eg. Rent and Double the Rent) is TWO moves.

If you received a Wild Card from a player in this position (the right side up is the colour in use), and you want to rotate the card to use the other colour...

Swopping it around is ONE move.

So how do you win by having 3 complete sets, while preventing the Deal Breaker from rearing its ugly head? Unless you have 2 Just Say No! cards handy to see yourself through...

...I'd suggest laying out your planned 3 sets, but one card short of completing each set.

Then at your last move, splash out your 3 cards to complete the sets at one go and stun everyone! This is why I find House and Hotel cards useless, because I won't have a complete set until the end.

Misc procedures: what if you only have 4million in your money pile and a rent for 5million comes about? You need to clear your money pile first, before giving up property(s) to make up the balance.

The monetary value of each property card is denoted by the number in a circle at the corner of each card. So this is what you'll have to pay in rent, and you'll become a poor man.

The good thing is you can't give your property wild card since it has no monetary value.

Tip: pay players rent in big notes rather than small notes. You don't get change for what you pay, eg if you pay 3million for a 1million rent you don't get 2million back. So save your small notes.

As mentioned before, a Just Say No! (JSN) can act against a JSN so this is how a Deal Breaker might succeed eventually.

Btw, playing a JSN in response to action cards is not considered a move as its not your turn. That's the game, happy Mono-Dealing!

Watch the video: Monopoly Deal Card Game: Rules u0026 Instructions. How to Play (October 2021).