How to cook awesome tasty yum allergy free fish cakes

Gather up ingredients

Wash tatties

Crumble oat cakes (and bread if not using bought crumbs)

Forgot to take a pic of salmon beforehand- but bung in oven at around mk 4 or5 with lots of lemon juice and some spread also salt and pepper

Burn scarf while turning on oven...

Boil tatties from cold ( anything that grows under ground should be boiled from cold)

By this time the fish should be gorgeous (after around 20-30 mins) take out of oven

Peel off skin- sorry for poor quality pic..

Smash up tatties with a bit of spread and salt

Throw in salmon

Really don't pulverise it- mix it gently and keep it flaky

Collect flour crumbs egg and salmon together

Flour hands( these were taken one handed- so just be thankful there is any pic at all)

Make a little burger shape

Flour that

Dip in egg ( or as my brother said- monster goo)

Roll in crumbs

Ta da!!!!

Do this to all the mix

Heat up pan with oil


Till lovely and brown

Leave to cool or munch with mayo :)

Watch the video: Homemade Haddock Fishcakes. Jamie Oliver. Keep Cooking Family Favourites (January 2022).