How to cook brussels sprouts

Buy some Brussels.

You can use big ones. Or baby. They are the same.

Whatever works for you.

Size check

All of them

If you use the big ones, cut in smaller pieces.

They will cook faster. It's optional.

If using small just leave them whole. You can give them a good rinse after they are clean.

First method. A pot of boiling water, seasoned with salt.

While you wait for the water to boil, make a vinaigrette.

Lemon juice.

Mustard times two


You can add spicy things, shallots. You're the chef.


You can also do it with a hand blender.

Season with some salt and pepper.

You have a vinaigrette to use in salads and other preparations.

Label it. Refrigerate until needed. Lasts about a week. Maybe a little more.

Get a bowl with ice and water.

Blanch your Brussels.

Check if they are cooked.


Dry. If you are looking for a healthy preparation just use them like that. (Not chilled)

Get a pan on the fire.

Some oil. And bacon pieces if you have any.

A strainer

Let them caramelize a little bit.

Don't be afraid of burning them.

It's about there.

Let them drip the excess of oil.

The other method. Add a good amount of oil to a deep pot.

Let the oil get hot. 350F it's good.

Until golden.

Make sure you are set up for success. You don't want to be fishing pieces of Brussels sprouts.

Drain the excess of oil. You can also have the option of roasting them in the oven.

Mix both. Unnecessary if you just have one kind.

Add some of your vinaigrette. And extra mustard.


Add your Brussels. You can also add just boiled Brussels sprouts.

Salt, pepper, few drops of Tabasco if you have some.

Serve hot.


It's ok to add extra mustard.


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