How to make a shepherds pie

First get all your ingredients ready for cooking.

Start to heat up the pan for later.

Then peel the potatoes.

Cut them up into half's and quarters so they cook quicker.

Cook them for 15 minutes in a boiling pot.

Now get the onion and finely dice it i used a Manuel blender but you can cut it by hand.

Grab 2 carrots and peel them both. Also cut the ends of both sides.

Dice the carrots.

Add sugar to the tomatoes.

Add oil to the pan.

Add onion.

At carrots.

Add the minced meat.

Add vinegar.


Add tomatoes.

Add peas.

Add salt and pepper.

Let cook for 10 minutes.

Start to cook the potatoes.

Get everything ready for serve.

Mash the potatoes.

Pour meat mix into bowls.

Put mash on top.

Add cheese.

Cook and eat.

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