How to cook amazing teppanyaki rice

Here are the food supplies! You can substitute onions for the spring onions, and you can skip adding any egg too. It is important for the rice to be either steamed, or cooked in the microwave.

This ensures the rice will be the same consistency and texture as 'boiled rice' from a Chinese restaurant. See your rice packet for microwave instructions.

Usual utensils needed for cooking in a wok, and a knife and board for the veg.

Cut up the peppers and onion well.

For the egg, start with a hot wok and butter. Add the egg and allow to cook evenly. Once its movable, start to roll it...

Slice with your spatula into small chunks suitable for egg fried rice.

Done! Move to a plate/bowl to stop the cooking process and to free up the wok for the veg.

Add butter, peppers and onion to the wok...

Quickly add the rice (mine was microwaved in a bowl so took its shape). Allow it to sit for a bit, part of the flavour is the peppers and butter cooking under the rice.

After breaking up the rice, add the egg.

Stirred up!

Add a good glug of the light soy sauce.

Pepper, salt to taste and your done!

Mmm yummy!

Watch the video: how to prepare fried rice, chinese style (January 2022).