How to make a white christmas in a jar

I already finished the one in the background. This next one has a lid meant for canning so I'm going to pretty it up a bit.

Put the inside part of the lid on your paper or card. Trace around and cut out.

This step is optional if you don't have a paper punch.

Put your paper circle into the outer ring and reassemble the lid.

Grab your jar , glue, glitter, and figurine now. This e-6000 glue really is the best. Make sure you get the transparent kind.

Put a ring of glue around the inside of the lid. Mine got a little messy. That's the only thing I would change about this glue, it comes out of the tube all crazy sometimes. Put the lid on the jar.

Next, cut a pretty long piece of twine.

These little jars are getting trees in them. Waiting for the paint to dry on the lids. They were jelly jars & had writing on the lids, that's why they're getting painted.

You can put anything you want in these jars. I found my trees and lamp posts at hobby lobby in the doll house section.

K, have fun and be creative with it. These make cute gifts.

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