How to make frozen chocolate bananas

Turn your stove on a low temperature

Spray your pan!!

Measure out your favorite chocolate chips (any kind you want!) then put them in the pot

Measure out your butter!!

Now put the butter in the microwave for a little bit, don't melt it!!! Just warm it up :) and be sure to keep and eye on the chocolate. IT CAN BURN FAST!!

Then put your vanilla in (I didn't take a picture)

Then mix it around!!!!!

Then when it's all mixed up taste it then add ingredients according to what YOU think will taste good

Then out in on a plate or in a bowl (after experience I think a bowl would be better)

Then take your banana or bananas ( I actually had enough for two)

Then brake them into parts and use a utensil to cover them in chocolate.

There you are!!

Then find an open space in the freezer!!

Let them freeze for a long time till they turn to Popsicles!

Here's the finished product

By the way this was my first time doing this and they didn't out they way I thought but they were good :) so you can change the recipe till you like it

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