How to do bee nails

paint your nails a light blue and let dry

using a sharpie or a striper with black nail polish (sharpies are easier!) create dashes across your nail. this will be "the trail the bee left behind" do this on all nails except for your thumb

next you'll need yellow nail polish and a dotting tool. if you don't have one, watch my other guide on how to make a dotting tool!

create a big yellow dot on your nail. it doesn't need to be perfect

next you need white and a dotting tool

create the wings on the bee's yellow body. again it doesn't need to be perfect

after the wings and body have dried, using a sharpie, outline the wings and add more dashes.

then out line the bee's body. make it pointy at the bottom the the bee like a stinger

next draw on the stripes and antennas

add a top coat and your done! enjoy your little bee nails!

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