How to make a caramel pie the easy (& dangerous) way

Gather supplies.

Tear label from bottle.

Put cans in large pot. It is very important that cans lay sideways. This allows cans to rotate and cook evenly. It also helps alleviate pressure to keep the cans from becoming volatile.

Fill pot with water. Make sure that cans are completely covered at all times!

Turn stove eye to high.

Boil the cans for about 3 hours. Make sure to keep the cans covered with water.

Warning: Heating sealed cans may be dangerous. Take precautions, and do at your own risk. I have done this multiple times and never had any problems. Make sure water covers cans!

Add water as needed.


And boil.

Add more water--keep those cans covered.

After 3 hours turn off stove eye.

Allow cans to cool.

Create a cool water bath.

Gently scoop up cans.

Place them into cool water bath.

Allow them to cool for a while in the bath. 30 minutes or so is fine.

Remove cans from water and dry them so they won't be slippery.

Get pie crust.

Lift pie tin tab to remove clear protective lid. Set lid to the side for later.

Dampen clean finger.

Rub moist finger gently over any cracks in pie crust to heal them.

Carefully open one can. (Some cans have tabs.) Can should only be luke warm to the touch.

Remove caramelized, sweetened milk from can with spoon. Empty the caramel into a medium-sized bowl.

Stir the caramel to ensure even consistency.

See how much smoother? This prevents "sugar crusts" inside of the caramel.

Spoon caramel from bowl into pie crust.

Open second can. Here I had to use a can opener. (I don't do both of these at the same time because I find it easier to handle separately.

Add to bowl. Stir caramel.

Add to pie crust.

Smooth out the top. Make sure the caramel is evenly distributed.

Pie should look like this.

Cover with plastic lid.

Put in fridge.

I kept mine in overnight because I didn't need it until the next day. Generally speaking, 30-60 minutes is good. You want the caramel to be cool, or it will melt the whipped topping you'll be adding.

Open whipped topping. For most things, I use the can whipped cream (or make my own), but the tub topping works best here. Believe me, I've tried.

Spread topping gently over caramel. Caramel is still soft, but it has a thicker consistency that the cream. Therefore spreading the whipped topping is relatively easy. (I use refrigerated topping.)

Cover top of pie with whipped topping. It's already rich, might as well make it indulgent!

Top with whatever tasty treats you like. Here I've used pecan pieces and chocolate chips (forgot my toffee at home). Chocolate syrup drizzled overtop is yummy! Enjoy! (Use a large spoon to serve.)

I took this to a get-together. So it would still look presentable, I did the toppings once I got there. Otherwise, they slide around the pie a bit. If you have any leftovers, refrigerate.

Watch the video: 3 Ingredients. Caramel Pudding without oven (November 2021).