How to make puerto rican rice

5 cups of rice

5 oz of Goya

2 water bottles

2 packs of Sazó Goya

1 can of beans

1 8oz tomato sauce

3 tablespoons of Abuela's "secret sauce"

2 oz of capers

3 pork chops chopped up

How ever much bacon strips cut up into squares

Cook for the juices

Collect that grease up!

Leave the grease for flavor

Add three tablespoons of Abuela and the can of tomato sauce

Add the olives as much as you want!

Add as much capers you want!

Let simmer

Add the seasoning packets


Add all pork and two bottles of water


Let cook for 20 mins covered

After 20 mins the water will be boiling

Stir again flip the bottom of the rice so it doesn't stick to the bottom of the pan

You know you don't have to add anymore water because the spoon can stand up in the rice

Let cook for 10 more minutes on high heat

Once boiling turn the heat down to low and simmer

Low heat

Stir again

The rice will look like this still at low heat

Add Pimientos for more flavvvvv!

Keep stirring and simmering till the rice taste cooked and how you like it! ¡!

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