How to write calligraphy lesson 3: minuscules g-l

The letter "g" is perhaps more complicated than most. Start near the top line, with the nib at at 45 degree angle to the left.

Make a circle, creating a "tail" as you reach the top again as shown. I made the circle somewhat too large for this particular letter, but it fulfills its purpose all the same.

Maintaining nib angle, create the lower half of the "g"; short stroke to the left, a longer one to the right, and then a trough under them both.

Start "h" by creating a basic trunk, with a tic at top and bottom.

Start the second stroke about a third of the way up the trunk, and complete the "h". Be sure to flare up at the end of the stroke, so the letter ends in a graceful thin line rather than a thick one.

Letter "i" is made with a trunk which goes from the top to bottom line, but no taller.

Dot the "i" by drawing a tiny half-circle clockwise. If you keep the same nib angle, it should look like a comma, as shown.

Letter "j" also begins with a basic trunk, but once you reach the bottom line keep going, creating a cane beneath it. Keep going until the line thins out, as shown.

Dot the "j" the same way you would dot an "i".

Start letter "k" with a basic trunk as well.

Start the second stroke about a third of the way up the trunk. Move in a clockwise circular motion, making sure not to take up too much space on the letter, until you hit the trunk again.

From there, go right into the third stroke, a slightly curved downward diagonal movement. Flare up at the very end to complete "k" with a thin line.

Minuscule "l" is perhaps the simplest letter to make; make a basic trunk, flaring up at the bottom to form a shallow cane.

You now have six more letters in your repertoire!

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