How to burn those thanksgiving calories away

Complete 1 minute of knee-ups

Extended Arm Lizard Walk: Extend one arm to seat of chair wile in plank position.

Extended Arm Lizard Walk: Lift leg 45 degrees

Extended Arm Lizard Walk: Bend knee towards torso and keep leg as high as possible while keeping hips and torso equal. Complete 1 minute per side

Attitude Chair Kicks: Start with leg over the back of a chair, hands shoulder width apart and foot pointed

Attitude Chair Kicks: Kick leg back into an attitude potion with hips straight and knee lifted.

Kick leg as straight as possible with toes pointed. Then go back to starting position. Make sure to keep shoulders down and back straight with even hips

Get into squat position with resistance band under feet and crossed so the left hand is holding the right side of the band and visa versa.

Straighten body and lift hand over head so the band forms an "X" shape. Hold and lower back to starting position. Complete for 1 minute

Tire runs: Run 4 steps forward and four back and make sure to keep legs high. Complete for 1 minute

Plank Tucks: Start in plank position with bum tucked and shoulders down.

Plank Tuck: Lift left leg towards right arm, then bring back to starting.

Plank Tuck: Jump your legs forward, then jump back into plank position. Alternate legs for 1 minute.

Kenpo Kicks: Stand hip width apart. Bring arms down and left knee up like you are holding someone, then kneeing them.

Kenpo Kicks: Kick back with right leg making a "T" with your body. Make sure to look back when you kick. Complete 1 minute per side

Watch the video: Workout Wednesday: Burn off those Thanksgiving calories (December 2021).