How to easily remove glitter nail polish

Supplies.( cotton balls, nail polish remover, and foil.)

The polish i need to remove.( China Glaze~ Blue Hawaiin)

First cut your foil into 10 strips.

Next apply polish remover to one of your cotton balls.

Then center the cotton balls on your piece of foil.

Start wrapping your foil over your nail. (Wrap one side over then the other.)

Then fold top excess down.

It will look something similar to this.

Repeat. I do all 10 of my nails at a time, but it might be tricky the first time you do this so you may only want to do one hand at a time.

Let the foils sit on your nails for 5-8 minutes. Then pinch the foil on your nail and slowly slide it off. And...

VIOLA!(: Clean Nails(:

Watch the video: HOW TO REMOVE GLITTER NAIL POLISH - QUICK u0026 EASY (October 2021).