How to make an amazing single margarita

Beware! This can be strong for some. If it seems too strong, cut the alcohol portions to half, but adjust the sweet n sour as well. :)

Gather your materials.

Put a decent size portion of salt or sugar on a plate.

Line the rim of your glass with lime juice (I use my fingers to go around the rim)

Once the entire rim is soaked in lime juice, put it in the plate of sugar/salt. Coat the rim.

Angling the glass helps coat the rim. Add 3-4 ice cubes to the glass when you are finished.

Pour a total of 2 oz of sweet n sour to the glass. You could also use lemon or lime juice. I pour this in first because alcohol sinks to the bottom and you want a consistent flavor for the margarita.

Add 1 oz of tequila to the glass. I use 1800 gold tequila. Patron is also a good choice.n

Add 1 oz of Cointreau to the glass.

Add 1 oz of triple-sec to the glass.


Enjoy a delicious margarita.

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