How to fix your shoes with sugru

Make sure you have a shoe that require fixing. For this case we have a Nike shoe it's sole almost fell off.

Try not to use any superglue or any kinds of adhesive.

Buy sugru from www.sugru.com. For this purpose we are using one single sachet of black sugru. You need a scissor to open it and you have 30 minutes to apply it once opened.

Try to roll it up long enough to cover the holes

Again depends on how long is the hole/space. You can shape it to any shape you desire

Apply sugru gently for the first time with little pressure

Sugru texture just feels like a play-doh and easily shaped. Even a 5 years old can do it. Apply pressure gently with just your fingers.

Voila! Leave it overnight and your shoes is good to go! :)

Watch the video: NIKE ROSHE Mesh hole Repair - FIX DIY (October 2021).