How to do christmas tree nails

First add red and white btw it will look better when I'm done

Then put a little green on a piece of paper

Take your dotter thing and make a green dot

Then add 2 under the 1 then 3 under the 2 then 4 under the 3

Then put a little black on the paper

Then take the dotter and make a black dot

Then put some pink on the paper

Put little pink dots as Ornaments

Then put a little yellow on your paper

Put a little yellow dot at the top to look like a star

Then add whit on your paper

Add white dots to look like snow flakes on all the red nails

Add the sparkles on all your nails

Take your nail brush and clean everything up add a top coat and you done!!!! :)

Watch the video: Easy Christmas Nail Art Tutorial.. With A Bobby Pin! Cute Christmas Tree Nails (October 2021).