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Radio: Wallpaper Remnants DIY

If you've ever wallpapered a room, you probably have some leftover pieces lying around. Don't just throw them out! Wallpaper remnants can be great accents in your decor. Here are a few clever uses for those leftover pieces.

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Wallpaper remnants are handy for reinvigorating tired old furniture.For example, small scraps make lovely, heavy-duty drawer liners. Larger pieces are great for covering the back of a bookcase. This works best on a sparsely filled bookcase, where you can really see and appreciate the wallpaper background.

If you have a glass-top table, showcase a particularly beautiful wallpaper, cut to fit, under the glass. When you tire of the pattern, just switch it out for another one!

Another option is to use wallpaper as artwork. Cover a few panels of foam core or other lightweight material with wallpaper, and then mount them on a wall. For smaller accents, cut wallpaper-or even pieces of wallpaper border-to fit pretty frames of varying sizes.

Finally, covering accessories like lampshades and trash cans with leftover wallpaper can really pull together the look of a room. One caveat: Before covering a lampshade, make sure that you're happy with the amount of light the lamp will give off once its shade has been covered.

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