How to make a knot for a candy stripe bracelet

Choose which threads you want to use in your bracelet.

Tape your bracelet to the table.

I have already finished half of it, so I'm just going to show you how to make the knot.

Take the first two threads in your hand.

Cross the first thread over the 2nd thread, so that it looks like a 4.

Then loop it under the second thread and bring it back up through the opening. Tighten the strands.

You should get something like this.

Do the same thing again.

The double knot should look like this.

The taking that same string,keep doing the same thing for the entire row. Remember to knot twice over each string.

Once you've done the entire row, it should look like this, and that first string now becomes the last string.

Remember: Don't mix up the order of the threads even if they are of the same colour. Always knot twice over each string.

Your finished bracelet should look like this!!

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