How to customize your xmas gift

Here are the supplies with xmas gift (colorful loofah and colorful travel size shower gel, i m so excited with those colors ^^

Open up the plastic wrapping and estimate the size to wrap 1loofah & 2shower gel. Here i use my marble flooring as guide line.

Here u go after cutting (those color are pretty, aren't they? ^^)

Catch 2end diagonally and hold

Catch the other 2end and hold. Push those other corner that sticking out

Here what u get, make sure all corner are tidy

Get small black hair rubber band to tie it

Like this, keep this aside, we will come back to this

This is the fun part, get a paper and fold it, create xmas tree shape, i do it free hand cutting, u can draw a guideline 1st if u want

Unfold it then u get the xmas tree

Get your craft paper, i use silver one and trace with the template, to save time fold the craft paper and the template together and cut the shape

There u go

Get a paper to layer it below and start writing with marker

Fold again the top part only and cut a diamond shape

So there u got the hole for your ribbon

Loop the ribbon through the hole and tie it onto the gift

Tie a ribbon to finish up

Slash bit by bit the plastic wrapping from top to create the volume, slash it irregularly

U see how the plastic roll out to create flower-like shape

Voila! Enjoy your xmas ^^ create yours and be creative!

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