How to make a fun fur jules desk chair

Get your supplies. You will need a blade to cut the foam, pins, sharpie, ruler, cotton ribbon, scissors

Start off with your chair, foam & fabric.

Cut a 17" x 28" piece of foam. It will be about the same width of the chair. Use a blade to cut the foam.

For now, use the cotton ribbon to hold the foam in place. Tie so you have most length on one end and cut off as much length as possible.

Drape fun fur over the chair. You want to get the most length to wrap right round the chair.

The chair is 17.5"

Measure a 24" inch width of fabric. The chair is 17.5" so this will leave a bit on both ends to work with as a seam.

Use the ruler to draw a cut line. You can measure 24" three times along the fabric to help make a straight line.

Cut along the line. Tip for cutting fur: cut upside down & use blade to separate fur and cut the lining only.

Remove loose bits of fur... Or it can get a bit messy.

You can now drape the fur to see where the folds should be.

Turn the fabric upside down and pin it around the chair. Keep an opening in order to get it off the chair. It works with only sewing about 4" on the bottom fold.

Pining should look like this.

Leave the back open. This part will be tied up later.

Use a pen to draw the curve of the chair so you have a guide to sew by.

Gently remove the fabric from the chair keeping the pins in tact.

At this stage get a glass of wine and the sewing machine.

On the seat half (bottom of chair) only sew about 4" - just enough to secure it to the chair. Any bigger & you may not be able to but it back on.

Sew along your lines & cut off excess fabric at corners.

Fold fabric along the open seams.

Place 4" strips of cotton ribbon 2" along open seams.

Quickly sew in 1" openings. You are making tie loops.

Turn the cover right side out & put it on the chair.

Tip for fun fur: use a wide tooth comb & loosen any sewn fur to hide the seams.

Remove the extra tied cotton ribbon from around the foam.

Cut the extra ribbon in half.

Use the ribbon to tie up the bottom pieces of fabric. Lacing it like a corset through the loops you made.

Tie a bow.

Do this on both sides and cut any hanging threads.

Here is the result.

Last step: secure the fabric at the bottom.

Turn the chair on its side.

Hand sew the fabric together on the bottom of the chair sewing around the base & handle.

Perfect fit & now the chair is soft & comfortable.

Watch the video: DIY FUR CHAIR (October 2021).