How to make a pea pod pendent

Gather your supplies.

Put your three beads on your head pin but not all the way to the bottom of the pin. Leave some gap, this is where your 'pod' bottom will be.

If the holes on your beads are large enough push the wire thru the bottom two beads to hide the end of the wire. *if your beads holes are too small you can just do a few simple tight wraps around it.

Bend the wire down towards the top of the pod.

Then wrap the wire around pin once and then bring the wire to the other end cuz the wire will be on the other side of the beads.

Continue this technique I like to go like 8 to 10 wraps around, it's depends on the size of the beads and how many your using.

As your going make sure your twists on the head pin are tight together. Makes it look more polished.

Keep twisting.

Slowly looking like peas in a pod. The wire stacking on itself makes it look so nice.

Once your done trim off the spool of wire leaving an half inch tail of wire.

Don't forget to slide up the head pin so it's nice on the bottom.

Alright with the little tail I tightly wrapped it around the pin.

Wrapping it tight makes it look nice.

Ta-Da looks like peas in a pod eh? (Oops that's the Canadian slipping out.)

With a round tipped jewelry tool make a loop with the head pin.

Super cute and easy to make. It take literally 10 mins to make and everyone loves them.

Hope you enjoy.

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