How to make a mason jar herb garden

Mount the 2x4. We used 4 hose clamps to secure it to the railing on either end. Screw/nail the hose clamps into the 2x4 at desired areas, screw side out.

Remember, your plants need room to grow so give them a good amount of space - we have space for five jars with 10 inches between each point.

Fill the mason jars with potting soil (according to instructions) and secure the hose clamps by tightening the screw. *if your plant needs alot of water, rocks at the bottom prevent over watering).

Follow growing instructions for seedlings. We also chose to transplant rosemary!

All set and ready to grow! Follow your growing instructions and enjoy!!

Happy growing!

Watch the video: Grow Perfect Basil indoors! (May 2021).