How to rad nhar (fried noodle w/ pork+broccoli in gravy)


Oil on pan medium heat.

Put noodle.

Fry them till noodle soft.

Yesss some part will be crispy ... Crisp (≧∇≦)finished the noodle part. Let's make gravy ..... :)

Another ingredient : prepare pork add some soy sauce or oyster sauce, leave it for 15 minutes.

Vegetable : kale, broccoli, or any kind you like carrot or add mushroom :)

Potato starch or corn starch mix well with water.

Salted soybean paste.

Chop garlic.

Cook garlic with oil low heat.

Add salted soybean, cook for a moment.

Add pork and cook till done. Don't worried for the brown color :)

Add water or chicken stock.

Add soy sauce, sugar, taste as you like.

Add vegetable, any vegetable you like :)

Add potato starch for thickness, can use corn starch instead.


If you need more taste add some vinegar and chili pepper.

Let's try an easy menu :-)

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