How to get more vitamin k in your diet

DRI recommended intake: - men 120 micrograms/day •about 2 cups of soybeans or 2 cups of salad greens - women 90 micrograms/day •about 1 cup of cabbage or 1 1/2 cups of salad greens

Example 1: A Herb that contains the highest amount of vitamin K. 51 mcg per tablespoon, 64% of daily value. Benefits of Basil: reduces the body's cortisol levels thus helping body cope with stress.

Example 2: A spice rich in vitamin K. Each tablespoon contains 5% of daily value. Benefits: promotes blood flow and reduces blood pressure and is a powerful tool in fighting colds.

Example 3: A Dark leafy green rich in vitamin K. 62.5 mcg per cup diced, 78% of daily value. Benefits: reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

Example 4: A Dark leafy green that contains highest amount of vitamin K. 547 mcg per cup chopped, 684% of daily value. Benefit: helps wars off anemia by carrying oxygen to blood cells.

Example 5: A fruit rich in vitamin K. 104 mcg per cup, 129% of daily value. Benefit: provide relief from constipation, therefore supporting digestive health.

Kale salad recipe

Tips on how to get more Vitamin K in your diet.

Substitute butter when cooking with canola oil to get some vit. K

Substitute butter when cooking with soybean oil to get a little bit of Vit. K. Substitute cereal for 1 egg and a cup of milk for 50 micrograms

Eat only one animal source- liver; maybe instead of steak, grill liver with onions

Dark green leafy veggies are best source so add broccoli, spinach, or cauliflower to salad. Even just 1/4 cup of spinach will give you more than enough for the day

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