How to draw eyes, nose, mouth and ears in a manga

This is my style. You can experiment with it and find your own style. Have fun!

So there you go. This is what I drew in my last guide.

Start with the ear. It should be placed between the circle and the line which is parallel to the cross line. It should look like this.

Add the mouth. It's placed either exactly on the circle or a bit down. The left end should be at the lowest point of the cross.

The nose is placed above the right end of the mouth. It's pretty little, the focus at manga's lays on the eyes.

The eyes are the probably most difficult thing. Start with this. Both eyes are placed between the two lines under the cross line.

Add these 3 lines. It now looks a bit funny, but wait.

The right eye of course is way more little. You can only see a bit of the left part.

End it like this. Now the eyes are placed right.

Draw these two little circles. They are light reflections.

Now the iris. Do it black or a bit grey, but not white. They are not round, but oval.

Add many lines in the eye. They go from the iris to the eye's end.

Now add the eyebrows. The left is much longer than the right. If the person is female,they are very thin. If the person's male they are much thicker.

Now that you have everything, edit the chin. It must be very close to the mouth. Compare this and the last step to see the difference.

This is everything you have to do on the face. Now I'll make the last guide about hair. But hair is different every time and its most fun to invent own hair. Thank you and have fun drawing!

Watch the video: How To Draw Faces, Eyes, Nose, Mouth TUTORIAL (October 2021).