Radio: Solar Decathlon 2013

For anyone interested in the developing field of solar power, today's a big day. Starting today, the U.S. Department of Energy is hosting the biennial Solar Decathlon at Orange County Great Park in Irvine, CA.

Listen to ON THE 2013 SOLAR DECATHLON or read the text below:

Every other year, the Solar Decathlon showcases homes that were designed and built by teams of college students from around the world. The homes are all solar-powered, and they demonstrate innovative ways to make solar power more affordable and attractive to consumers.

Teams compete in ten separate contests, measuring such things as their designs' architectural integrity, their ability to produce sufficient hot water, and their comfort, affordability, and reliability.

This year, 20 teams are showing off their solar houses, with the unveiling starting today. I really look forward to this event-I'm always eager to see what these bright kids can think up. I'm sure that solar is the power of the future-it's free and abundant, and it's certainly eco-friendly!

Each time a new idea is introduced at the Solar Decathlon, it goes into the pipeline to investigate for development. I'm impatient for our solar future, and this event makes me hopeful that it's getting closer every day.

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