How to muddle properly

Muddler. You may not recognize the name but you've seen it before. It's what's used to mash up the mint and sugar in a mojito.

The trick is to twist and smash the ingredients so that the flavors blend well. We'll be making a drink called the "Apple Of My Eye", using green apples, sugar, tequila and vodka.

Muddlers come in all shapes and sizes. Some seem gimmicky but they all have one thing in common ...

The spikes, large or small, help emulsify your ingredients (in this case apple). Using something gritty, like sugar, helps break it down even further.

Now it's time to work. Get all your ingredients together. Try not to dip into the tequila or vodka before you start wielding the knife.

Cut up the green apple into small cubes. One wedge will do. If you have time, remove the skin. I'm just lazy.

Get a small glass for this. I'm using a rocks glass. Add the sugar. This will help break up the apple, giving the paste a lovely sweet tone. You can add less sugar if you prefer. 1 to 2 teaspoons.

Add a 1/2 oz of vodka. You can use the Absolut Orient Apple to help compliment the apple paste. Any vodka will do.

Now add the ounce of tequila. This adds a punch.

Drop in some crushed ice.

You can't see it but I'm pouring in the soda. Just a little bit will do.

Mix it all up and enjoy. The best part is when you get little bits of apple as you take a swig.

Watch the video: Muddled Old Fashioned (November 2021).